Crossroads ministers in outreaches and evangelistic opportunities. These outreaches and ministries extend from our home church and around the globe as the Lord calls and opens doors.

The Lord has through the years connected us with key leaders around the world who want more of God in their midst. We know that God wants more of his people too! As we connect and recieve invitations to travel we join with the local ministries in enabling them to accomplish what God has called them to in their region.

The heart beat of the ministry of Crossroads is to see the unsaved to come to know Jesus!  That the local church will experience more of the presence and the power of God which is so needed in this generation. In addition, that the saved will find and fulfill their destiny that God has designed for them.

Additionally, traveling into foreign countries on mission opportunities seeing the Kingdom of God come alive and operating in people of all nations! We are thankful to God and excited about God! Crossroads has be afforded the opportunities to travel to Paraquay, Uraquay, Chile, Kenya, Vietnam, Mexico and the Apache Nation.

We will continue to expand the Kingdom of God until Jesus comes with the Lord’s help and with your partnership.