Crossroads Staff consists of a team of two powerfully anointed preachers and teachers of the Word of God! These anointed preachers/teachers are spirit-filled and anointed for the purposes of God in this season.  This team has been married for more than 49 and flow together in ministry under the anointing of Holy Spirit. These ministers are available for meetings and conferences as you feel moved in your heart to invite them for a meeting at your church, conference or ministry.
 Dr. Atticus Register Image Dr. Atticus Register

Dr. Atticus Register has been an ordained minister of the the gospel since 1978. He has travelled extensively around the globe proclaiming the message of the Kingdom of God! His travels have included Chile, Paraguay, Uraquay, Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, Guatemala and North and South Vietnam. He has served as Administrator, Pastor, Evangelist and College Adjunct Professor. Dr. Register holds undergraduate degrees in business and theology. He further holds Doctoral degrees in Theology and Philosophy.
He says of his ministry- "I have seen God through his might and power open the eyes of a blind man, heal a lame man in Kenya, heal epilepsy and restore many who were oppressed by the devil. Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit is inevitably the only Savior, redeemer and deliverer! We have experienced his power and might as we have ministered in His Name!"

 Rev. Marge Register Image Rev. Marge Register

Rev. Marge Register was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2003. Together with her husband (Dr. Atticus Register) she has ministered in Kenya, Guatemala and local ministries and conferences where the Lord opens doors. She is powerfully anointed prophetically under the unction of Holy Spirit and proclaims boldly the "Word of the Lord".  She has served as a Director of Women's Ministry for more than 20 years and is an anointed teacher/preacher of the Word of God. Marge has an undergraduate degree in nursing as well as a graduate degree in Biblical Studies & Theology. Both Rev. Marge and her husband Dr. Atticus continue to travel and minister the "Word in Season" where hearts are willing and doors are open.